drip drip verb (-pp-) 1. [V , usually +adv. / prep.] (of liquid 液体) to fall in small drops • 滴下:
»She was hot and sweat dripped into her eyes.
»Water was dripping down the walls.
2. to produce drops of liquid • 滴出;滴水: ▪ [V]
»The tap was dripping.
»Her hair dripped down her back.
▪ [VN]
»Be careful, youˈre dripping paint everywhere!
3. drip (with) sth to contain or hold a lot of sth • 含有;充满;充溢: ▪ [V]
»The trees were dripping with fruit.
▪ [VN]
»His voice dripped sarcasm.
noun 1. [sing.] the sound or action of small drops of liquid falling continuously • 滴落;滴水声;滴答声:
»The silence was broken only by the steady drip, drip of water from the roof.
2. a small drop of liquid that falls from sth • 水滴;滴液:
»We put a bucket under the hole in the roof to catch the drips.
3. (NAmE also IV) (medical 医) a piece of equipment that passes liquid food, medicine or blood very slowly through a tube into a patientˈs vein • (静脉)滴注器; 点滴瓶:
»Sheˈs been put on a drip.
4. (informal, becoming old-fashioned) a boring or stupid person with a weak personality • 怯懦讨厌的人;愚蠢胆怯的人 【SYN】 wimp :
»Donˈt be such a drip—come and join in the fun!
* * *
n. 水滴
v. (使)滴下

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.


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